Indoor air quality is crucial, both for health reasons and to optimize work efficiency. It is important to ensure that the air breathed indoors is not polluted, and that the temperature and humidity levels remain within limits defined as healthy.

The CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Brightness sensor

CO2 level in the air
0 - 5.000 ppm (+/- 40 ppm). Alert in the event of exceeding the CO2 threshold
Ambient temperature
1 - 85 °C (+/- 0,1°C)
Humidity level in the air
0 - 99% (+/- 3%)
in LUX
WIFI connection
Mobile Application - iOS - Android
English, French, Dutch

Even though CO2 is not a pollutant, all scientific studies have shown that measuring the CO2 concentration is a good method to estimate the level of indoor air pollution. Combined with the measurement of the temperature and the humidity rate, it is therefore possible to measure the quality of the ambient air, indoors. These 3 parameters are used to implement the ventilation of the premises: natural ventilation, or mechanical ventilation.

Why measure temperature, humidity and CO2 in closed spaces?

The reasons are multiple: health, comfort, and performance. The recent Coronavirus pandemic provides additional motivation.


Fight against respiratory viruses

Ventilation of indoor areas is essential to limit contamination by respiratory viruses, such as COVID19. The measurement of indoor pollution makes it possible to estimate whether the ventilation is sufficient.


Comfort & Quality at work

Poor air quality in the office has a direct impact on the level of concentration of employees. There are optimal temperature, humidity and CO2 ranges in closed spaces. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


Fight against nausea / allergies

Indoor air pollution can have a direct impact on the health of certain sensitive people: headaches, nausea, allergy problems.

Indoor air quality measurement and ventilation


Hairdressing salons

Contacts professions in general: manicures, pedicures, hairdressers, doctors, knésitherapists ...


Bars and Restaurants

Indoor places for socializing in the broad sense are naturally polluted and require regular and controlled ventilation.


Schools and Nurseries

The number of children and adults present, as well as the often intense level of activities, requires regular monitoring of the air quality.



Loss of concentration, headaches, nausea, allergy problems, can be linked to indoor air pollution in the office



Headaches, nausea and allergies can also be linked to indoor air pollution in the home.

Controlling air quality is important ...

Scientific studies have shown the importance of keeping the CO2 concentration, humidity and temperature within limits set according to the type of activity. These limits are set in national workplace regulations.

A Web and Mobile application for monitoring all your air quality measurement sensors ...

It is therefore essential to measure the quality of the air in your indoor spaces. This measure will allow you to organize manual ventilation, or to check that your mechanical ventilation is working properly.


Although the CO2, Temperature, Humidity and Brightness sensor has a color LCD screen and generates audible alarms if the CO2 threshold is exceeded, you have the possibility to follow the evolution of the air quality on your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android), as well as from your laptop, anywhere in the world! An optimal way to assume your societal responsibilities, if you have several establishments, or if you are not permanently on site.

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